About Specialized Exteriors Inc.

Tile Roofing Specialists in Gig Harbor, Washington

Specialized Exteriors Inc. works exclusively w/ concrete and clay tile roofs in the Pacific NW. Tile roofs in the NW face unique challenges compared to other areas of our country. Most of our tile roofs in Washington were originally installed without considering our excessive debris and rain levels that our climate dishes out. This unfortunately has led to many leaking and failing tile roofs.

Fortunately, most leaking tile roofs can be saved by Specialized Exteriors Inc.; most often making them perform better than new for a fraction of the cost of roof replacement. Valley, skylight, and eve-line modifications are some of the more common repair modifications performed by our company and are true improvements that can be made to stretch another 20-30 years of life out of your existing roof. Virtually all roof tile in Washington is no longer available locally as new product. We stock a large inventory of out of production and hard to find roof tiles to help out our customers; most typically exact match product is available. With over 25 years of tile roof installation and repair here in the Pacific NW, we are the company to contact for honest, straight-forward evaluation and repair of your tile roof.