Specialized Exteriors Inc.

Tile Roof Repair Services Gig Harbor, Washington

Specialized Exteriors Inc. performs simple tile roof repairs including replacing broken tiles to more complex issues involving complete valley or eve-line system modifications. Our more common repairs involve:

Tile Roof Inspection Gig Harbor WA
  • Broken tile replacement
  • Valley system repair, service, or modification
  • Skylight replacement and flashing modification
  • Chimney chase flashings and rebuild services
  • Eve-line drip issue problems
  • Minor to extensive rot repair
  • Roof penetration leaks (pipe flashings, fan vents, etc.)
  • Low slope lift and re-lay operations
  • Skylight and chimney removal and roof-over

Often times tile roof leaks aren’t roof leaks at all and are sourced by failing siding, stucco, brick work or gutters. We are happy to help diagnose your particular leak source and help remedy your problem; even if that means referring you to another contractor in a different trade.

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